Funeral Live Streaming Service

Unobtrusive Funeral Live Streaming Services for Churches and Crematoriums in Cheshire

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Let everyone say goodbye

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Covid-19 restrictions sadly prevent everyone from saying goodbye in person. The funeral is an important part of the grieving process. The live streaming service we offer helps everyone who can’t be there pay their respects in private anywhere in the world. The filming is unobtrusive and focuses on the service to respect the privacy of the mourners. Streamed to a private platform the video can show the service in a church, at the cemetery or in a crematorium.


We understand this is a difficult time, so we have one simple package cover any format. The price is the same if you have a Church service, Graveside service, Crematorium service or a combination of these. A small travel charge may apply outside of the Wirral Peninsula.


  • We use radio microphones so the viewer can hear the service clearly.

  • Multiple cameras where needed to ensure the service is captured in full.

  • Viewing link provided ahead of time for you to send to those who want to pay their respects.

  • No restrictions on the number of guests who can watch.

  • Live streaming/camera operator  


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