Online Streaming

Online Streaming Of Shows

Our New Streaming Service means you will now be able to watch your Show video via the internet on multiple devices. This new service is available to purchase on your show’s web page along with the DVDs. There are no downloads as this is a Streaming service (like Netflix)



How to use this service

All you need to do is order Online Streaming instead of DVD from your Shows web page. When purchasing you will be asked for an email address so we can email the Link directly to you. You will then have your very own private account to store and stream the show. The menus are exactly the same as the DVD but you can stream the show in Full HD

What devices are compatible?

Shows on MediaZilla can be viewed on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices and just about anything with an HTML5 web browser. There is currently an app for Apple TV and will be releasing apps for more devices in the near future.

How to stream your Show

After the Shows performance it takes up to 3 weeks for the Show to be edited and DVDs made. Once the orders are ready an email will be sent to all streaming customers with a link to set up your free Account with MediaZilla to view your video online.











Click the link and your browser will open to create a new account/or open your existing account. Your online DVD is inside your account. Please note you can only use the link once per email address.  Once in your account click on the DVD show in your account to open it up. The DVD menu will then appear.  












Videos can be expanded to full screen by using the expand button in the bottom RH corner.  Use the button in the top RH corner to go back to the previous menu at any time.  If you want to watch on a large screen TV you can do this via an App or connect your laptop to the TV via HDMI cable.

Screen layout.PNG
Online DVD layout.PNG