• Vicky Harper

First Footers Dance Ellesmere Port

First Footers Ellesmere Port invited us to photograph and film their production “Reimagined” at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire in September 2019. First Footers Ellesmere Port is a vibrant Dance School based at Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre Ellesmere Port, catering for children from toddlers to 18 years. These children learn to dance in a fun yet professional way and the energy and excitement they create is certainly shown in their productions.

We work closely with First Footers Ellesmere Port as they near their Show date, and take photographs of the children in their costumes at their dress rehearsal. This is when we film their trailer for the Dance Show, which gives a real flavour of what their show is about, and helps to build up the anticipation before the show date. Capture Services actively promote the show on social media and our web site is available to place orders for photographs and DVD’s.

On show nights, we have a dedicated Capture Services stand and are available to answer any questions, take orders for DVD’s and photographs, and photographs are available to purchase and take home with you. The film of the show is also available in Blue Ray and streaming format if you prefer. This was a great show, professionally produced and choreographed and most importantly, the children absolutely loved it. The film of the show is a great memento for each of the children taking part, they are so enthusiastic about appearing on stage and they have that memory to watch again and again.

Thanks to First Footers Ellesmere Port, for asking Capture Services to film and photograph your show, we love working with you.

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