• Vicky Harper

New to Capture

Are you new to Capture? Well so am I! After recently taking over the business from my Husband Michael. I’m learning a lot about the world of Dance Shows, Photography, Film, Promos etc.

Why Did I take it over? Well Michael’s Wedding Photography and Film business has now grown and takes almost all his time, so in comes ME!

I’ve worked alongside Michael for many years helping with the business and loved every minute of it whilst working for a major retailer. Along with my design and quality skill set from my previous job. I am developing new skills with photo and video editing, website building and now Blogs!

But Fear not! I maybe learning but Michael continues to film the shows and captures the photographs in his meticulous way while teaching me film and photo production.

I’m Looking forward to growing Capture with new dance schools and updates and I’m excited about the future of Capture.

That’s a wrap! (as in movie clapper board not a chicken wrap)


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